Welcome to Quilted First Cot Covers online. We are proud to supply a line of products to the professional funeral director that serves his or her community.

We offer a line of custom products tailored from the initial  transfer or first call  up to the funeral service. Our Quilted First Cot Covers are used during the initial  transfer. We also offer custom prep table/dressing table covers for when the hair dresser styles hair. Matching quilted pillow shams and nylon liners are also available and compliment the Quilted First Cot Covers. Lastly, three way table drapes are available for use to surround the table base and stretcher base wheels. These are used for ID viewing or cremation calls also used when family dresses their our loved ones. Prep table covers also available - call for pricing.


*Quilted First Cot Covers

*Custom made Quilted First Cot Covers using your firms colors and you can select you design and color (sample will be location in custom


  1. * Urn bags

  2. * Rings bags

  3. *Pillow Shams/Liner

  4. *Preparation Table/Dressing Tables Covers

  5. *Table Drapes

  6. *Embroidery (Samples Available)

  7. *Memorial Table Drapes

  8. *Custom Logos - Embroidery

  9. *Three way table drape/ stretcher,  dressing table, prep table

  10. *Cremation Container Liner- Full and Half Couch

*Logo and custom embroidery

*Memorial Quilts using personal and college/teams or tee shirts

*Church Trucks

*Frameless Church Truck Drapes

*Replace or repair drapes for church truck

*Replacement Drapes Custom for you Funeral Coach

*First Call Cots one man

Quilted First Cot  Covers  comes in a variety of colors and patterns. Monograms are also available for personalized for your firm’s name. Most covers reflect old-fashioned patterns that generate memories of days gone by. Generally, they are patchwork patterns that can be used for either gender. They are unlined and treated for water repelled,

also available with a sewn-in nylon liner that provides a protective barrier. Optional zipper pocket also available.  Quilted First Cot Covers can be machine washed  line dry.

Prices are current as of  June 01,12.

We got you covered  for all your first call needs.


  1. -Lasting Impressions

  2. -Lasting Impact

  3. -Lasting Positive Experiences 


- Transfers/Removals

- Cremation ID Viewing

- Hairdresser/Make-up

Many types of

personalization available

for your funeral home!

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